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Griffin Oskar “Hostage” EP Released

Congrats to Griffin and crew. The world finally gets to hear what we've been blasting in the office for months.  Glad to have contributed your logo!


Building an App Has Never Been Easier

GoMix allows users to code or remix apps. It has been called the "Google Docs" of app development because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

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Are Flying Cars Becoming a Reality?

Google co-founder Larry Paige has invested millions of dollars into flying cars. Is the future of Volocopters looking high?

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Would You Pay $2 for 50,000 Coins?

It is estimated that the global market for in-app purchases will yield 30 million dollars next year. One of the targeted groups? Children.

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A flying warehouse?

Amazon's new flying warehouse idea.  Can't tell if we're excited or just plain envious.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is Proactive

After a customer tweeted about loiterers at Tesla supercharging stations, Elon Musk implemented a system that would rid loiterers by charging them $0.40 per minute. It took him only six days.

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Is Voice the Next Big Platform?

It is estimated that 30% of our interactions in the next year will be through speech with electronics. Amazon Alexa had a two-year jump start with voice commands.

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How Dangerous is the Internet?

After a cyberattack that left Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify offline, internet pioneer Bruce Scheiner warns that "the internet era of fun and games is over"

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Fighting Racism with Twitter

A researcher tackled racism on Twitter by programming bots that tracked racial slurs and discovered some striking data.

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Should we get rid of time zones?

We have 39 complicated, overlapping time zones. Is it time to stop the confusion?

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The Death of Upgradeable Apple Computers

Though the new Macbook may be sleeker and thinner, it is no longer upgradeable and must be disposed.

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Tesla’s Unreal Solar Rooftops

Elon Musk showed a crowd a number of average-looking houses then broke it to them that each was powered by infinite lifetime solar rooftops.

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The Next Big Renewable Energy Source… the Floor?

Wood pulp in flooring could be used to make electricity to power our homes. Flooring with this new technology could be as affordable as conventional materials.

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Facebook Racks 8 Billion Views a Day… in Silence

85% of videos viewed on Facebook are silent, which means publishers must rely on visually capturing the viewer's attention.

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