Powering Financial Compliance & Beyond with Artificial Intelligence

Project — Behavox is the first-ever Artificial Intelligence driven platform designed to transform behavior in the financial workplace. Arming their clients with new insights on everything from employee performance to sales and profits, Behavox kickstarts change in ways previously unimagined. Founded in 2014 the firm had already built a global team, secured institutional backing and won accounts with international banks when they turned to K+L. The brief included visual identity development and the complete articulation of their unique offering. The work culminated in a new site that made their vision and capabilities clear for the first time.

Strategy and Creative – Behavox represents a groundbreaking moment in the convergence of People Analytics and the financial industry. Knowing that every company is teeming with behaviors that either drive or delay success. Behavox helps identify both, arming clients with knowledge about how their business really works. A deep level of research and understanding was required for their bleeding edge technology as well as the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the financial and compliance sectors. By leveraging the white space of the budding landscape and the firm’s innate approach we developed a unique and ownable brand position that shied away from the fear-based, big brother promise of competitors. Instead turning to a celebration of an optimization driven solution focused around making a firm’s people their strongest assets possible. The behabox brand position straddles both the needs of the here and now as well as the promise of a future they are creating in real time.

Results — Working intimately with the firm’s founder and CRO over 12 months, brand development work has spanned an omni-channel roll out including website, corporate collateral, presentation decks and advertising.