The Original And Leading Fresh Pressed Juice Brand

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Project – Take a product weighed-down with ‘granola’ baggage and elevate it to the status of chic, but accessible, luxury lifestyle brand. In short: clean-up the image of the cleanse and create a brand new category.

Strategy and Creative –  Kern & Lead and BluePrint have been like organic peas and carrots since the juice experts opened their virtual doors in 2007.

They made Kern & Lead their Digital Agency of Record and we gave them a watertight digital strategy that underpins everything they do.

From collaboration on the initial look and feel of the brand, through things you can reach out and touch like the packaging and in-market experiences, to a full digital and interactive expression – we’ve been a constant companion and partner in the building of the BluePrint brand.

Online we established the cute and witty brand approach and email strategy that has drawn so many devotees to BluePrint, as well as – let’s face it, the less glam, but phenomenally successful pay-per-click, SEO and ad words services that continue to grow demand at an astonishing rate.

All that and we designed and developed a site that has become a mecca for cleanse addicts and newbies alike. After all, so much of what you taste is what you see.

The next step is to continue strengthening this digital presence and partner with BPC as they begin their exciting expansion into the retail market.

Results – BluePrint has become the hip little sister of the outdated cleanse. It is now the leading juice cleanse and raw food delivery system in the US.

New York Magazine named BluePrint Cleanse the “Best Painless Juice Cleanse” and Food And Wine Magazine has called it the “Cleanse for foodies”.

Our implementation of SEO increased traffic 600% in 12 months. Blueprint Cleanse is now ranked #1 for competitive search terms such as “juice cleanse” and #2 for “cleanse” and “detox cleanse”. Site visits went from 20,000 per month to over 100,000 per month in one year.