"NYC's #1 Peking Duck" - GQ

Identity | Messaging | Photography | Collateral | Web Design

Project – Branding as delicious as the duck at the peking mecca.

Strategy and Creative – K+L has collaborated with proprietor Ed Schoenfeld since helping to launch west village stalwart, RedFarm in 2011.

And we worked with Decoy’s sister restaurant in mind throughout the process.

We wrapped the concept in a hipster-farmhouse look with inspiration from classic american brands such as Filson and Woolwrich. The dining experience presents bespoke print and paper pieces like clipboards, signage and menus with a craft feel.

We directed food and cocktail photography and carried the design system to their website for a seamless brand experience.

Results – Decoy has become an overnight success. GQ calls it “NYC’s #1 Peking Duck”. We suggest you get a reservation.