Lunch? Just Text Yes.


Project – Conceive and launch a gamified SMS lunch delivery brand.

Strategy and Creative  With the goal of creating the simplest way to order lunch. We cooked-up a new service baking content marketing directly into the product experience.

We’ll let explain:

Here’s how it works: every day Arcade features just one dish, from a popular New York restaurant (which changes daily) – it could be dan dan noodles from Han Dynasty, it could be a bacon cheeseburger from Burger Joint, it could be borscht from Veselka. Users get a text at 10 a.m. telling them what the day’s dish is, and just have to reply “yes” via text by 11 a.m. if they want that dish for lunch. Arcade promises all the food will be made to order, and will be delivered by 1 p.m.

Wielding SMS, we crafted the end-to-end user experience. From marketing funnel to initial user opt-in, to conversion and customer support communication.

In the spirit of the low-fi medium, text messaging, we went back to the future and created an eight-bit brand aesthetic playing up gaming and the fun interaction innate to the concept.

Results – Arcade launched at New York Tech Day in April 2015, and was a instant viral success. Thousands of users opted in within the first 48 hours as word spread. Things heated up even more with glowing press from the likes of Food Republic and Eater.

“Smart” –