Accessible Indian Food for a Hungry New York

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Project — Make an exotic menu more digestible with a brand you can sink your teeth into.

Strategy and Creative – Kern & Lead and the founders of indikitch have been collaborating in the kitchen since they came to us with their idea in 2012.

They asked us to join them in the fresh food revolution and we gave them a brand strategy that sets the table for everything they do.

We developed the adventurous brand voice that emboldens customers to try new things. And a look and feel inspired more by the pages of Gourmet Magazine than the usual suspects of fast casual.

We directed photography and created delightful iconography that identifies offerings and helps navigate a complex menu.

From the signage and menu boards to packaging and delivery bags. We’ve influenced every touch point.

Results — Prior to launch, traditional and gorilla marketing rallied a powerful tribe of followers. Thousands of brand advocates engaged before a single serving of tika masala was tasted.

Once doors opened, we unleashed the awareness flood gates with a digital advertising blitz. On the street, we spread the word with urban panels and subway advertising. Within days a line built that hasn’t let up. indikitch has been hailed as “The Indian Chipotle” and one day we hop to see indikitch in as many locations as the incumbent.