There is no simple way to describe NovaTech.

Sure we can tell you that NovaTech builds smarter infrastructure. And we can tell you that major organizations like Kellogg’s, MillerCoors and NationalGrid rely on NovaTech’s innovative products and services.

But that can only give you a sense of their scope. If you don’t know the difference between power metering and event recording or have a working understanding of process control and optimization, it can be hard to truly sink your teeth into what NovaTech actually does.

We should know. We’ve been working to enhance all aspects of visual and strategic communication for NovaTech since late 2009, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

Over the course of our tenure, we’ve helped increase traffic to their site by a combination of first search engine optimization (SEO), and the Google Adwords (PPC). We’ve rebuilt their website. Twice. The first time converting them from the antiquated Coldfusion to a WordPress-based CMS. And then recently a complete head-to-toe redesign/restructure/rebuild of their site, resulting in a massive 500+ page website.

We’ve spent considerable time increasing inbound touchpoints, from building an online member area to generate new leads, to building web applications that allow customers to self-configure the settings on their orders, resulting in model #’s tuned precisely to their specifications.

We’ve creative-directed numerous ad campaigns, and spearheaded two major product brochure revisions.

We’ve even been involved in assessing internal workflows for customer support procedures.

Overall, we have been honored to play an ongoing role in NovaTech Automation’s evolution, and are continually inspired by the immense brain trust that makes up its exceptionally loyal and spirited personnel.