One Disruption Leads to Another.

What does the pandemic, a lunch delivery service and a snack gifting platform have to do with each other? Everything.

When COVID hit Manhattan in March 2020 and sent office workers home it put Stadium, a successful group lunch service on the sidelines. The delivery brand which had revolutionized NYC office lunch with top dishes from top restaurants all delivered together ceased operations as the way we work (and ate) changed overnight.

As founding partners in Stadium, the Kern & Lead team was hard at work on service extensions in anticipation of reopening when one of the initiatives took on a life of its own.

The Opportunity
Stadium’s offering included a selection of unique snacks and beverages from beloved brands and hungry upstarts. While plotting an in-office solution around these goodies the new normal invited a pivot.

Like lightning, a plan came together to break the confines of the Manhattan lunch market and offer stadium’s snacks and beverages nationwide. We combined the ability for users to create their own custom snack stashes with a simple and scalable way for companies or individuals to give gifts to 2 or 2000 people in just a few clicks. Contributing to naming, messaging, design and UX. We worked closely with Stadium’s CEO, product and sales leads to formulate and execute the launch of an entirely new brand in less than 30 days. Following the launch of SnackMagic we developed a wide-ranging and ever-growing set of use case landing pages and unleashed ultra aggressive Google AdWords and LinkedIn campaigns. All leading to floods of highly qualified top of funnel leads and immediate conversions.

The Results

The pivot to SnackMagic enjoyed instant traction. Companies across the country jumped at the chance to show appreciation in a new way and increase engagement with their remote workforce. The newly bursting virtual event space also jumped onboard as organizers sought new ways to connect with attendees. 

Snackmagic has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Fast Company.

While pivots are never the original plan, adoption by brands like google, amazon and Spotify proves the magic is real.