The Delivery Revolution Has Arrived

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Project – Be a partner and constant companion in creating and growing a disruptive delivery brand.

Strategy and Creative – Kern & Lead has been helping cook up the SBS concept since joining the startup team in early 2014.

Together we conceived and launched the highly curated, and ever changing, mix and match menu, of top dishes from top New York restaurants.

SBS tapped us to lead creative and awareness initiatives while contributing directly to the product experience and venture strategy.

We created the sparse black and white look that contrasts against an ever changing cast of co-branding partners. And physical touch points like the chic delivery bags that reinforce the idea that SBS is a game changer in the delivery space.

Online, we created an experience that takes an editorial approach to layout and content, privileging exquisite photography and rejecting traditional ecommerce expectations.

ResultsValidated by customers and hailed by Eater as “Great”. Awareness efforts are rapidly growing a devoted user base and delivery will never be the same.