The Potential Project

A narrative structure for pioneers of mindfulness


Project – Who would have thought that thinking itself could be the most wasted resource in organizations? The Potential Project (TPP) conducts mindfulness training for the world’s largest corporations, saving them thousands of hours in lost attention. With 125+ trainers worldwide, 250+ organizations served, and 25k people trained over the past 10 years, their “before K+L” website gave no indication to the stature held by the organization.

Strategy & Creative – During our discovery sessions, it became clear the website needed to carve a single narrative path through the website, creating in the website experience itself an example of mindfulness in practice. Through two in-person sessions with the founders, we carved out the full content structure for the website. Making all those hard decisions up front meant the remaining phases’ decisions were already partially made. It allowed a wireframe to be created while content production proceeded, integrating content into the wireframe without ever needing to rebuild the structure itself.

Over 40 custom illustrations were created to bring the story to life throughout the website, all representing carefully considered concepts.

Because TPP is an international organization, their website needs to have over a dozen permanent translations. To meet this need we leveraged WordPress & its poly lang functionality to produce a website experience that allowed each language to have a self-contained experience managed seamlessly by internal staff.

Results – Launched in tandem with the CEO’s new book, the new website for The Potential Project has helped them make a big splash and take the next step in their organization’s growth.