5 Napkin Burger

A Juicy National Chain

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Project – In a cut-throat marketplace filled with hungry competitors, make 5 Napkin Burger synonymous with the best burger joint in NYC. In short: brand a better burger.

Strategy and Creative – What started as a boutique design project creating restaurant menus and ads quickly became a much bigger bite of the burger as Kern & Lead partnered with 5 Napkin in their national expansion out of NYC to Boston, Miami and Atlanta and beyond.

As 5 Napkin’s sole Agency of Record our strategy was to build a complete online brand experience above and beyond that of any other burger gurus out there.

From the website to an ecommerce platform through SEO services, video content and the launch of a dedicated video blog – we’ve taken what you’d expect of a restaurant’s digital experience and supersized it.

Along with the digital comes the tactile and Kern & Lead have designed and produced a broad array of 5 Napkin print work for NYC and new locations including signage, billboards and outdoor installation pieces. We even produced 5 Napkin apparel, for those who want to wear their burger-love with pride.

Social media has also been key, with programs such as the ‘Build the Boston Burger’ user-generated Facebook campaign yielding thousands of views, clicks, likes and shares.

Kern & Lead are really excited to work with 5 Napkin Burger as they continue their expansion across the country, rapidly becoming the go-to place for the best burger you can get your hands on (but not around).

Results – 5 Napkin was named “best burger” by Time Out New York and has quickly become one of the hottest burger destinations in the city.

Month-to-month online traffic has more than doubled in a year.

SEO Increased site traffic by 150% in 12 months.

5 Napkin is now ranked #2 for the search term “Burger NYC”, and very highly ranked for the term “Burger”.