The Articulation and Beautification of Broth

Project – Take a product with a cult following yet weighed-down by confusion and naysayers and elevate it to the status of chic yet accessible nutritional staple. In short: clarify, beautify and create a brand new category.

Strategy and Creative – Chef Marco Canora and the Brodo team gave us the keys to their cauldron and in return we delivered a watertight brand strategy that underpins everything they do.

Working closely with the executive team we began with a complete articulation for Brodo’s unique perspective and place within a world suddenly bubbling with broth curiosity.

From demystifying what goes into the pot to defining when and how to enjoy broth-based beverages and the innate benefits. We crafted a personality, voice and unique go-to messaging assets that set the table for the Brodo brand.

Next we crafted a visual identity system featuring modern design juxtaposed with handmade, tactile elements. Highlighting the campaign was a hand-crafted illustrative system cut from construction paper.

The original art assets helped bring ingredient and process stories to life while making the Brodo cup an instant social media darling. We ladled the identity onto things you can reach out and touch like collateral and packaging and things in you can stand-in like Brodo’s flagship in-market experience on Broadway and 75th street. All that and we designed and developed a site that has become a mecca for broth addicts and newbies alike. After all, so much of what you taste is what you see.

Results – Brodo is boiling over with growth as it captures the hearts and taste buds of foodies far and wide. Since launching the all-encompassing rebrand, revenue has increased month over month while social activity and word of mouth has exploded.

Well + Good Called Brodo “The Company that Put Bone Broth on the Map” and The Washington Post hails it as a “Miracle Drink”.