Taking the chaos out of communication.

ProjectFieldlens’ mission is to make construction projects of any size or type more efficient and productive then they are today. The Construction industry is plagued by poor communication and confusion that leads to more than $1 Billion in losses every year. Fortunately the visionaries at Fieldlens are on the job.

While busy changing the very nature of construction communication, Fieldlens’ own brand story needed to be built from the ground up. Equal parts Facebook, Slack and Asana – nothing like Fieldlens had yet been brought to market and no one knew how to talk about it. What began as a corporate website project quickly evolved into a messaging-centric rebrand.

Strategy and Creative –  Reaching the core of the Fieldlens story required rolling up our sleeves with senior team leaders, target users, and a deep-dive into the industry as a whole.

Critically needed was a product and brand messaging that spoke the language of construction while articulating the features and use cases of a visionary technology product. No small feat as Fieldlens literally reinvents construction collaboration. We delivered a tagline that expands to a “go-to” short form product pitch and three act story framing intuitive use by a mix of industry personas.

Brand messaging balanced key terms, personas, use cases and expansive feature set all within the vocabulary of construction. The brand story was brought to life with original illustrations inspired by vintage animation depicting key uses and concepts. Visuals provided a grounded, hand-quality aesthetic especially relatable to the audience.

Results — Creative served as the foundation for an omni-channel marketing roll out and key brand touch points including website, app store experience, digital display, print advertising and pitch decks.